"Pibe de Barr10"
Apparel and Footwear Collection for Lionel Messi SS 2015
 It was a pleasure and honour to work with Adidas Football for the Pibe de Barr10 apparel and footwear collection for the world's best player, my fellow citizen Leo Messi.
Thanks to this project, I had the opportunity to work with designers from different countries, from different cultural backgrounds, in an extremely stimulating and creative environment.
I greatly thank The Head of design of at adidas Football, who noticed me and my work and Team Messi for the attention I received during my visit to the Adidas Headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

Special thanks to Mauricio Valentini and Walter Accurso for helping me to realize this project, without them I couldn't have done it.
The entire collection was focussed on the idea of representing the beginnings of Messi'sfootball career – his neighbourhood, the streets of Rosario, the square where he used to play, the school. Once we'd individuated the graphic style of each scenario to be narrated with images, we set to work.
I asked some friends in Rosario, my home town, to help me out with a photographic shooting of Las Heras' neighbourhood, where Messi grew up – perspectives, particulars, panoramics – everything that could capture the essence of who until today still remains "un pibe de barrio*" as well as being the best player in the world.
*uptown boy
The idea was to create a design which could merge the originality of Leo's style with the authenticity of the place where he grew up. Bring to life the roots of the place he was born and raised. And so, his playing style was represented by swift, instinctive , unexpected brushstrokes, as if to imitate the now trademark Messi moves – sudden changes of direction, explosive acceleration or just a masterful touch to take it past another player. No matter whether you are in the defence or behind a camera, you just can´t keep up with his dribbling pattern.
The neighbourhood was represented in the style of street art, reflected in every corner of the streets. The images were reworked with stencils, spray and roll in order to obtain a "street" mood.
Leo Messi -- There Will Be Haters Promotion Spot  by Adidas Football
Some photos of Barrio Las Heras
First concept ideas
Claim - Lettering
Work in progress
Final AW Pibe de barrio for Kid's Apparel
Final AW Pibe de Barrio • Pattern illustration
Final AW Poster Pibe de Barrio
3D application - Pre Artwork
Pibe de barrio Boot
Accessories Pibe de Barrio
There will be Haters • Advertising Campaign
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