The last weekend of June in Pecara Italy, it held the "IndieRocket Festival", reached its thirteenth edition. I, along with PEPE Collettivo group we have developed the graphics for the event, which was to convey joy, summer, fun and movement.
I thank the Indierocket association and all its volunteers for cooperation and for the good times we had together and PEPE Collettivo for the friendship, commitment and tenacity with which it has been able to bring to fruition goals. THANK YOU! :-)
Communication Ad (100 x 140 cm)
Spot for The IndieRocket Festival 2016 - Illustration & layout : Nacho Valentini / Visual Animation: Flavio Boretti /  Lettering Animation: Ottavio Luise / Editing & Sound:  Andrea Micarone
Communication Ad (6 x 3 meters)
Communication Material - totem - Leaflet
Communication Material  - Leaflet
Live shots!
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